Specific instructions for the individual sections

Pathologica will give preference to the publication of original articles and reviews.

short general and/or practical papers on topical subjects invited by the Editor-in-Chief. Editorials are limited to 8000 characters including spaces with at least 10 references. They may include 1-2 figure or table. Should have no more than 2 authors. No abstract is requested

They can be invited by the Editor-in-Chief. Papers should not exceed 20 printed pages, including tables, illustrations and references. No abstract is needed.
Original articles:
specially written-up articles which present original observations, or observations deriving from a relevant experience (though not fully original) in a specific field. The text is to be composed in Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results and Discussion. Text should not exceed 40.000 characters including spaces. Pages should be numbered, beginning with the title page without initiate every section on a separate page. All main text, with wide (2,5 cm) margins, must be double spaced throughout and typed in a 12 point font. Figures should be limited in Number of 5. The abstract (no longer than 300-400 word) should be clear and concise.
Case reports:
will be considered, for publication only if they describe relevant cases (rare, of particular didactic interest, etc.). The clinical and pathologic data should be complete, using up-date methodology, and top-level images. The text should include a brief review of relevant references and a discussion on new data regarding the pathogenesis and/or the diagnostic role of pathology regarding the described case/disease. Text length: no less than 10000 and no more than 12000 characters including spaces with 10-15 references, and no more of 5 images (figures and/or tables). Should have no more than four authors.
Special sections:
Guidelines and Check Lists, Cytopathology, Molecular Biology, Immunohistochemistry, Informatics, Organization and Management, Medical Education, Book Reviews and Society News.
Letters to the Editor:
They should focus on particularly relevant and exciting topics in the field of pathology, already published articles or present original data. When referring to already published articles, the letter will be sent to the authors of the articles and their reply published in the same issue. They should not exceed 8000 characters including spaces, with one table or figure and 2-3 references.