Volume 106 – Issue 1 – March 2014








Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour: a rare entity with
wide differential diagnosis [FULL TEXT – PDF ARTICLE]

S.M. Gilani, P.J. Kowalski

Original article

Combined hepato-cholangiocarcinoma arising in a
gallbladder intracystic papillary  neoplasm. A new view on so-called “hepatoid
adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder” [FULL TEXT – PDF ARTICLE]

J.B. Dettoni, W. Andrauss, N.D. Theise, M.S. Rocha, E.S. Mello,
C.H.L. Rocha,  T.E.F. Pfiffer, V.A.F. Alves

Case reports

A rare case of transmural endometriosis in primary
adenocarcinoma of the rectum [FULL TEXT – PDF ARTICLE]

M. Falleni, D. Bauer, E. Opocher, L. Moneghini, G.P.

Collision tumour of the breast composed of Merkel cell
carcinoma and invasive  ductal carcinoma: a case report [FULL TEXT – PDF

D. Nedved, C. Connor, P. Sharma, M. O’Neil

Intestinal tuberculosis: a diagnostically-challenging
case misdiagnosed as Crohn’s  disease at colorectal biopsy [FULL TEXT – PDF

M. Onorati, D. Morganti, M. Bocchi, E. Colombo, G. Petracco, P.
Uboldi, F. Di Nuovo

Primary tumour of the round ligament of the liver: a case
presentation [FULL TEXT – PDF ARTICLE]

J.A. Solarana Ortíz, J.E. Placencia Gilart, M. Rodríguez
Diéguez, Z. Miranda Moles, M. Pullés Labadié, J.C. Lau Cuza, S. Corpas Fuster

Metastasizing pleomorphic adenoma of the submandibular
gland: a case report [FULL TEXT – PDF ARTICLE]

S. Miladi, S. Mestiri, W. Kermani, S. Ziadi, B. Sriha, K.
Bouzouita, M. Mokni

Fibroadenoma in an ectopic vulvar breast gland: a common
neoplasm in an uncommon site [FULL TEXT – PDF ARTICLE]

A. Ayadi-Kaddour, A. Khadhar, M. Mlika, E. Braham, O. Ismail, D.
Zegal, F. El Mezni