Volume 108 September 2016

Journal of the Italian Society of Anatomic Pathology and Diagnostic Cytopathology












Everything you always wanted to know about GIST (but were afraid to ask) An update on GIST pathology
R. Ricci, L. Saragoni

Immunohistochemical evaluation of mismatch repair proteins in colorectal carcinoma: the AIFEG/GIPAD proposal
A. Remo, M. Fassan, G. Lanza on behalf of AIFEG and GIPAD

Computed tomography – histology correlations of unusual lung tumors
N. Landini, G. Milanese, E. Zambrini, I. Ariozzi, L. Gnetti, A. Carloni, F. Nosenzo, M. Silva, N. Sverzellati

Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease: a clinicopathologic update
F. Pepe, S. Disma, C. Teodoro, P. Pepe, G. Magro



The diagnostic value of cytohistological urine analysis and cytokeratin 20 in malignant and atypical urothelial cells
S. Negri, P. Biavati, A. Bondi

Solid papillary carcinoma of the nipple: an in situ carcinoma or an expansive growth tumor?
D. Tacchini, L. Vassallo, M.A.G.M. Butorano, V. Mancini, T. Megha



Splenic histiocyte-rich pseudotumor following chemotherapy for non Hodgkin diffuse large B cell lymphoma
A.G. Abdou, M. Kandil, M.S. Eldien, R. Abdallah

A puzzling ovarian tumour: pregnancy luteoma with diffuse endometriosis
F. Limaiem, S. Bouraoui, S. Bouslama, A. Lahmar, S. Mzabi

Unusual pleural effusion from vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: report of a case and review of the literature
S. Erra, G. Patrucco, G. Speranza, S. Barbero, F. Brucculeri, G. Taverna