Volume 109 June 2017

Journal of the Italian Society of Anatomic Pathology and Diagnostic Cytopathology











Update – Italian Study Group of Dermatopathology (GISD)

Melanocytic nevi and non-neoplastic hyperpigmentations
C. Clemente



Drug-induced gastrointestinal injury (DIGI). Updates, reflections and key points
G. De Petris, L. De Marco, J.I. López


Discovering intratumor heterogeneity: the next frontier for pathologists
J.I. López, G. De Petris


Case reports

Lane’s type pseudosarcoma of glans penis
M. Filotico, R. Filotico


Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma of the head and neck. Literature review and report of the tonsil occurrence in a Ugandan patient
I. Pecorella, T.R. Okello, G. Ciardi, E. Ochola, M.D. Ogwang


Is it possible to determine the origin of cyst in empty thyroid bed in patient with lingual thyroid?
V. Markovi, D. Eterovi, A. Punda, S. Graan, A. Bari, M. PiljiBurazer



Errata Corrige – Atti 7° Congresso Triennale di Anatomia Patologica Siapec-IAP 2016