COVID-19 has urged all sanitary staff in a common effort of solidarity. In Italy, doctors and nurses of all ages, even those not yet entered in or already retired from the National Health System, have answered to the call from hospitals to give their support to face COVID-19 emergency. Pathologists community is involved in this crisis as well; thus, we have to consider what our priority activities are in this moment of dramatic health emergency. First of all, our main duty is to maintain a high level and an optimal turnaround time of routine diagnostic activity. Cancer, as well as other serious diseases, continue to exist and to need pathological diagnoses; transplants continue to request our immediate diagnostic support. Technicians, biologists and medical doctors of the pathology units have to manage the correct workflow of samples to provide diagnoses in due time. Unfortunately, in our Country pathology staff begin to be infected as well. For this reason, we must address crucial technical and organizational aspects to contain the biological risk, preserving as much as possible the quality of tissue/cell samples and the health of staff.(...)

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