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Case reports

Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: a tumor in the wide spectrum of the bland-looking spindle cell lesions of the breast

G.M. Vecchio, G. Broggi, A. Mulè, E. Piombino, G. Magro

87-91 |

A challenging case of pigmented Bowen’s disease and differential diagnosis of pagetoid pigmented skin lesions

V. Caputo, E. Caselli, M. Ribotta, E. Bonoldi

98-104 |

Letter to Editor

Expression of CDX2 in metastatic prostate cancer

C. Guerrieri, Z. Jobbagy, R. Hudacko

105-107 |


Atti Congresso Nazionale SIAPEC-IAP 2019

A.A. V.V.

108-343 |

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